Kepala Tata Usaha - ETERINDO WAHANATAMA, PT Tbk.

Kepala Tata Usaha - ETERINDO WAHANATAMA, PT Tbk.

We are one of the leading companies in petrochemical and oil palm plantations, with an area of 113.000ha concession in West Kalimantan and EastKalimantan. In view of the world oil crisis and to focus on reducing the fossil fuel impacts to environment, as well as to participate in Kyoto Protocol, Eterindo introduces the environmental friendly product, Biodiesel, which derives from Palm Oil. As an alternative fuel, Biodiesel has a number of advantages such as :

Renewable fuel, non-toxic and biodegradable
Low emission and reduces carcinogenic impact
High cetane number, ensuring quick engine start-up in cold climates
Can be used without engine modification
High flashpoint, which makes safer fuel to handle

We require qualified and professional candidates wholike challenges, spirit, honest and energetic and highly motivated tobe placed on the Site - Kalimantan barat to fill positions as follows:

Pria, Max 35 tahunPendidikan Min D3/S1 AkuntansiMemiliki pengalaman Min 3 tahun pada posisi yang sama dan diutamakan dari Perusahaan perkebunan Kelapa Sawit.Bersedia ditempatkan di Kab. Landak – Kalimantan BaratPekerja Keras, produktif, bertanggung jawab Memiliki jiwa kepemimpinan dan mampu bekerja dalam timbergabung dan berkembang bersama kami dengan mengirimkan CV dan Photo ke:

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